Takumi Takahashi Teaches Card Magic

Takumi Takahashi Teaches Card Magic


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“Takumi has surpassed me” – Lennart Green, World Champion Close-up/Card magician


Prepare to learn card magic like you have never imagined!
Really! You will swear that these are camera tricks!
You might know Takumi Takahashi as a student of the legendary Lennart Green.


However, Takumi has created his own unique style of magic which is super visual, which he will reveal in this exclusive tutorial! For the first time ever , Takumi teaches you refined routines that comes out from his own personal repertoire!!


Learn his version of the Oil & Water (Mirror Effect) created by Lennart Green and even some amazing self working card miracles that will leave you dumbfounded!! (Yes, Self-Working!!).
Takumi also goes into detail, with the Snap Deal and routines you can do with it. This course is jam packed with REAL-WORLD applications, and not just fancy moves!


Don’t expect to master these techniques in 30 minutes. These effects WILL require practice. But it will be so worth it!


Add to cart now and you too can perform seemingly impossible card magic!


The Story of Takumi Takahashi

When he was 11 years old, Takumi Takahashi watched an incredible magic act on Japanese TV, which inspired him to become a magician. That Magician was Mr. Lennart Green, a Swedish world champion close-up/card magician.

When he was 19 years old, he traveled to Stockholm, Sweden. With the help of his girlfriend, who incidentally was Swedish, seeked out Mr. Lennart Green at a magic convention.He was thrilled when Mr. Green accepted him as a student. He subsequently studied with Mr. Green for 3 years.


Takumi brings new light to Mr. Lennart Green’s magic and these lessons will introduce to you his own brand of magic!

Tutorial Outline

To cater for all levels, Takumi has divided his tricks to two sections . EASY &  INTERMEDIATE  .


1) Visual Spread
Takumi’s visual production of any 4 of a kind a spectator cuts to.


2) Blood Hound
Your favorite Picture Cards finds your selection by sniffing on the deck. An original self working card trick by Lennart Green himself. A Takumi favorite!! Let the cards do the work for you!


3) Takumi’s Triumph 
Takumi’s take on this classic where there’s a double kicker to the ending. Besides the selection card appearing face up, the whole deck is separated from RED & BLACK!!


A chosen card mysteriously appears tattooed on the performer’s hand. Learn how Takumi performs his own version on the paddle move, using his arm!!



1) Bare Hand Aces Production
Takumi’s visual take on the bare-handed 4 Aces production.


2) Aces Snap Control
4 Aces are placed back to the deck, and at the end are found to be at the top. Two words. SNAP DEAL.


3) Takumi’s One Hand Production  
A card is selected. Put into the middle of deck, and is shot out in one of the most impossible ways.  Visual Card Production at its BEST!


4) Mirror Account
Lennart Green’s take on the classic Oil & Water routine. 
This is Oil & Water on steroids and combines Snap Change in the finale. 




Moves Taught 

1) Snap Deal 
2) Snap Change 
3) Angle Separation
4) Color Changes 
5) Forces

and many more!


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